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Selected Fluid Dynamics Projects in Aerospace,
Defense, Process and Engineering Industries

  • Aerospatiale, Paris, France.
  • CFD analysis of a turbo-reactor

  • ACRi France, Sophia Antipolis, France.
  • CFD Design of the new Beijing Opera House Building"s HVAC System.

  • IDOM, Bilbao, Spain.
  • CFD analysis of wind loads on an architectural "canopy", part of the new Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

  • IDOM, Bilbao, Spain.
  • Simulation of a mandrel used in manufacturing of gas turbine blades' composite components

  • Allison Gas Turbine, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Development of ANSWER software for combustor design methodology

  • Allison Gas Turbine, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Development of an efficient Reynolds stress model for combustor applications

  • Brown Boveri-Sulzer Turbomachinery Ltd., Switzerland.
  • Blade with transpiration, film-cooling and transition

  • C.N.I.M., Toulon, France.
  • Design and analysis of submarine hull and components

  • ENEL,Italy & Caltech,Pasadena,CA
  • Stability analysis of a Westinghouse-Mitsubishi powergen GT Combustor

  • Garrett Turbine Engine Company, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Development of a stochastic random-walk algorithm, for spray combustion

  • GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, OH
  • Support services for in-house CFD and combustion analysis

  • GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, OH
  • Development of the Advanced Combustion Code (ACC) from the ACRi ANSWER to replace the in-house CONCERT code

  • GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, OH
  • Development of a general purpose combustion dynamics tool (ACD)

  • GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, OH
  • Development of a Finite-rate chemisty Monte-Carlo Stirred-Reactor Model to predict combustor emissions, ignition and blowout

  • GERPY-DECAN, Toulon, France.
  • CFD analysis for optimization and design of torpedo launch tubes

  • Hyperspace, Paris, France.
  • Consulting and review of CFD and combustion for a hypersonic vehicle

  • Marquardt Corporation, Van Nuys, CA.
  • Development and testing of low L/D, high swirl ramjet concepts

  • NASA, Ames, CA
  • CFD & Acoustic coupling for jet noise (with Northrop & UCLA)

  • NASA, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Simulation of flames in modified gravity environments

  • NASA, Cleveland, Ohio
  • HOST Program: Development of Improved Numerical Methods

  • NASA, Cleveland, Ohio
  • AST Program; design & performance analysis

  • NASA, Cleveland, Ohio
  • NCC Program: Development of Turbulence & Radiation Modules for NCC

  • NASA, Cleveland, Ohio
  • HSCT Program: Performance and design analysis

  • Northrop,CA & UCLA, CA
  • Coupled CFD & Acoustic simulations with LES for Jet noise prediction

  • Rolls-Royce (BED) Ltd., England.
  • Combustion in ducts. RB99 Afterburner analysis

  • SNECMA, Villaroche, Paris, France.
  • Development of ECRIN 3-D; derived from ACRi ANSWER

  • SNECMA, Villaroche, Paris, France.
  • Testing of ECRIN with laboratory and field data for engine performance

  • SNECMA, Villaroche, Paris, France.
  • Modification of COM-3-D code to incorporate advanced turbulence models, NOx emissions model and improvements in the I/O interface.

  • Turbomeca, Paris, France.
  • Support for in-house CFD applications

  • U.S. Air Force, AFWAL, Wright-Patterson, OH.
  • Advanced swirl concepts for ramjets

Past and Present Consulting Projects:

General CFD Field (ANSWER Area)
Ground Water Simulation (PORFLOW Area)
Surface Water Field (TIDAL Area)
Air Pollution Prevention and Air Quality Analysis (RADM Area)



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