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  • On some Windows 98 systems, at the end of the installation, some error messages pop up that say some application was not found, and the software was unable to create a shortcut.

    This is due to a difference in the way MS parses strings in this OS, and we are working on a resolution for this problem. In the meanwhile, please use the run***.bat batch file in your installation directory. You can make a shortcut to this batch file on your desktop if you like.

  • When loading / importing / opening a large file, the interface becomes apparently irresponsive, and if a window is moved over any of the open window/dialogs of the interface, they do not repaint themselves, until the time consuming task is over. It would have been nice to have the windows refresh themselves and give the user some sort of "Working/Busy" feeling using a WAIT_CURSOR, Progress Bar, etc.

    We are aware of this issue, and are planning to have it fixed during the beta testing stage. Workaround: If you are a Windows NT / 2000 or XP Pro user, have your task manager running at all times, in a minimized state. The small icon next to the system time on the right bottom will give you a sense of the CPU usage, and you will be assured that the computer is actually busy..

  • Sometimes, when a large file is loaded to the interface, it waits for a long while and the CPU is working at 100% capacity, but it simply quits the CPU usage, without neither showing the geometry in the display, nor throwing an error.

    This happens when the JRE runs out of memory. The default maximum heap size is 64MB, and this gives problems when a grid of more than 150,000 elements is loaded. The launcher for ANSWER and PORFLOW GUI is configured to set the maximum heap size to 256MB currently. So this should be fine for grids of up to 400,000 elements. Contact ACRi if your system has more RAM than 512MB, and we can supply a new launcher as a patch.

  • Some of the options under "Create New Region" Dialog do not seem to work properly.

    These options are still under development, and are being improved daily. If there is a LOCATE command that you would like to generate but do not know how, please feel free to enter it manually in the commands file area. The interface will detect that you have manually entered a new LOCATE command, and will add that new region to the list of existing regions. If you do not give a name to that region, it will be given a name in the form of --LOCn (where n is a number) for reference purposes.

  • Sometimes when a project is run, the runtime window simply flashes and disappears. The CPU seems to be active though. What is going on?

    Take a look at the Windows task bar at the bottom. In all probability the runtime window was pushed to back. If you click on the taskbar entry for the Runtime Window, it should come back on top of the main application. We are trying to find a solution to this problem.


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