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A Partial List of ANSWER™ Users


The ultimate test for a software suite is what its users say. We are proud to have repeat customers of high caliber throughout the years. Here is a partial list of ANSWER™ customers. Please contact us to obtain the name and contact information of the person's who directly use ANSWER™ in these organizations.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, West Bethesda, Maryland, USA -- www.dt.navy.mil

The Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWCCD) is the Navy's center of excellence for ships and ship systems. They have been ANSWER users since 2000, and use ANSWER for electronics cooling applications' simulations.

Demokritos National Center for Scientific Research, Athens, Greece -- ipta.demokritos.gr

The "Research Reactor Laboratory" of Institute of Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection at "Demokritos" has been using ANSWER since 2001. The Laboratory operates a 5 MW open pool research nuclear reactor which is mainly used for irradiation purposes, material science applications (neutron diffraction) and neutron activation analyses. Thermal-hydraulic and neutronic calculations are performed for reactor safety analyses. Also, modeling work on aerosol dynamics has recently initiated, including analysis of aerosol flows using CFD.

IDOM Engineering and Architecture Consultants, Bilbao, Spain -- www.idom.es

IDOM has been using ANSWER in their consulting projects since 2000. They have done some exciting architectural analysis projects, including the Study of Wind Effects on the Tower of the Bilbao International Exhibition Centre, as well as a similar study for the now-world-famous Marqués del Riscal Winery in Bilbao, designed by world-renown architect Frank O. Gehry. Another interesting project was the simulation of a mandrel used in manufacturing of wind turbine blades' composite components. Heat transfer during the setting of composite was the main issue in this analysis.

GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, OH, USA -- www.geae.com

GE Aircraft Engines is the world's leading manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft jet engines. The company produces and services large and small jet engines for airlines, charter and leasing companies, and military aircraft. The Combustion Center of Excellence at GEAE has been using a customized version of ANSWER for design purposes since 1996.

The Yucca Mountain Project, Nevada, USA -- www.ymp.gov

The U.S. Department of Energy is studying Yucca Mountain, Nevada, to determine if it's a suitable place to build a geologic repository for the nation's commercial and defense spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.

Techspace-Aero of SNECMA Group, Liege, Belgium -- www.techspace.aero.be

SNECMA is one of world's leading aerospace engineering groups. Belgium-based Techspace Aero designs, produces and repairs equipment and subassemblies for air and space engines. Partner to the world&339;s leading aero-engine manufacturers, it deploys a wide range of engine test rigs. Shareholders in the company are Snecma (51%), the Walloon region (30%) and Pratt & Whitney (19%).

Honeywell Aerospace Solutions (Formerly Allied-Signal) -- www.honeywell.com

Honeywell Aerospace Solutions is the world's largest supplier of aircraft engines, equipment, systems and services for commercial transport, regional, general aviation and military aircraft.

Culick Research Group, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA -- www.its.caltech.edu/~culick/research.html

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Jet Propulsion, Dr. Fred Culick has taught courses in both physics and engineering; mainly dealing with fluid mechanics, applied aerodynamics and stability and control of aircraft; propulsion; combustion; classical mechanics; quantum mechanics; electromagnetic theory; lasers; and control of mechanical systems. He has had a Ph.D. student work on ANSWER, and LES turbulence model was incorporated into ANSWER at this time.

University of Adelaide, Department of Applied Mathematics, North Terrace, Adelaide, Australia -- www.adelaide.edu.au/ecms

The Applied Computational Fluid Mechanics Group at the University of Adelaide consists of a collection of people within the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Adelaide whose research interests lie in the Field of Computational Fluid Mechanics.

Gas Turbine Research Institute, Propulsion Division, Bangalore, India -- www.cmmacs.ernet.in/nal/picts/divar01/prar01.htm

GTRE has been using ANSWER in combustion research since late 1998.

Flow Noise Control Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, INHA University, Incheon, Korea -- www2.inha.ac.kr/~fnc

Flow Noise Control Lab has been using ANSWER for flow noise calculations for years.

Current Users: If you would like to have your own and/or your organization's name listed here, please send us a detailed description of the project's) you are working on, along with your license file and possible www links.

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