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Welcome to ACRi Online Store. Here you have access to price lists of all ACRi Software, as well as consulting fees. You also have online purchase options of ANSWER Express and PORFLOW Express.

Price Lists:

Note that unless otherwise noted, all licenses are 'single seat'. This means that it can be installed on only one system, and can be used by only one user.

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Technical Support

ACRi provides technical support for all its software.

Support Packages

A.    Basic Support:

    This support covers:

        (a)    The installation, operation, and use of our software,
        (b)    The operation of our graphical user interface (CFDStudio),
        (c)    FREEFORM scripting commands
(a very powerful way to automate tasks
                                                          and for user defined physics ),
        (d)    Input / Output, data formats, visualization, analysis of results, etc.

    This support does not cover:

        (a)    problem physics: appropriateness of governing equations or boundary conditions, etc.
        (b)    problem specifics: appropriateness of grid size, distribution, etc.,
        (c)    application to your design etc.

these are covered under consulting support and are covered by one of the packages listed below.

Basic support priced at US$ 999.00 per year. We will respond to your queries via e-mail (also telephone within North America).  We will try our best to respond in 72 hours or less.

B.    Priority Support:

    This includes all of basic support + faster response time + eight hours of consulting support per year. 

This is priced at US$ 1999.00 per year. We will try our best to respond to your questions within 24 hours via e-mail (also telephone within North America. Overseas users can also get telephone support if they initiate the call).  The key benefit here is the consulting support.

C.   Annual Maintenance (AMC):

    This includes all of priority support + free updates to the latest version of the software on an annual basis for as long as the AMC is renewed.

This is priced at 50% of your initial purchase price of the software, subject to a minimum of
US$ 4999.00


Consulting relates to questions involving physics of the problem, questions related to your design, achieving numerical convergence, advice on gridding, assessing solution quality, anchoring studies, etc. Consulting is charged on time and materials basis at the rates specified in Consulting Services Price Schedule.


The cost of a standard 2-and-a-half-day training at ACRi offices is US$2,000. For more than 2 people to be trained, we recommend on-site training. The cost of on-site training is US$1,600 per day plus travel expenses. A 2 to 5 day workshop is recommended, depending on familiarity with CFD concepts.

Installation Fees:

There is no installation or porting fee for Windows PC systems. A one time porting and installation fee is applicable to all others. This fee depends on the OS in question. This is NOT applicable to Answer Express and Porflow Express. All Express versions currently operate only on PC based, Intel compatible hardware, running Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP.

Software Licensing Advanced Options:

END USER MULTIPLE LICENSES: 2nd License of the same type for the same software is charged 80%, and the 3rd and subsequent licenses are charged 60% of the 1st license. This discount is available only for the same customer at a single site. Wholly or partially owned subsidiaries are not eligible for multiple license discount. These discounts are NOT applicable to Answer Express or Porflow Express.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE LICENSES: A discount off the published license price can be negotiated for educational institutes within the U.S.A. for educational and internally sponsored research in exchange for access to any research and publications. This discount is not available to Educational institutes outside the USA due to copyright reasons. No discount is available for ANSWER Express or PORFLOW Express.

SOURCE CODE WITH RUN-TIME LIBRARY: Available by special arrangement. License fee varies with options selected. The source component contains all modules necessary to modify governing equations, boundary conditions, sources and properties. The library for I/O functions and supplementary mathematical operations is supplied as an object module for the FORTRAN compiler of choice. The user can create executable by compiling the source and linking with the run-time library. One executable is also supplied.

All prices specified are in U.S. Dollars.



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