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ANSWER Express (tm)

ANSWER Express (tm) is the Student Priced Student Version of ANSWER, the popular CFD software tool for an increasing number of industrial and educational clients.

ANSWER Express (tm) has taken a huge leap in user-friendliness and ease-of-learning since the last release, and we encourage the current users to upgrade at their earliest convenience.

For under $200 (around the price of a text book) you will have access to the limited edition of the latest version of an industry-standard powerful general purpose CFD solver coupled with the easy-to-learn, easier-to-use CFDStudio integrated development environment.

ANSWER Express (tm) is powerful enough to setup and run any problem one may come across during their college life - including graduate study. The coupled CFDStudio makes setting up and postprocessing problems a breeze. All you do is follow the clearly outlined steps, check the appropriate checkboxes or radio buttons and fill in the values with a point-and-click approach, and in as little as 10 minutes, you are ready to run your problem.

ANSWER Express (tm) makes use of the very powerful postprocessing features of CFDStudio as well. It is possible to make contour and vector plots, cut slices in complex geometries and view results on a per region basis.

Just like the full ANSWERversion, both structured and unstructured grids are supported. Arbitrary triangular/quadrilateral (2D) or tetrahedron/pyramid with quad base/prism with triangular base/hexahedral (3D) control volumes can be used. 2D or 3D geometries are fully supported, as well as truly cylindrical and 2D cylindrical with a swirl velocity components.

ANSWER Express comes with the industry standard k-ε turbulence model and the 2 and 4-Step Hydrocarbon reaction models. ANSWER Express supports up to 10,000 nodes per problem, which gives a pretty good resolution for any 2D or2D/cylindrical problem, and a fair resolution for 3D problems.

ANSWER Express provides only basic incompressible flow capability with standard k-epsilon turbulence model. Its primary objective is to provide an affordable tool for teaching and educational purposes. It is not meant to be used as a tool for advanced CFD studies or consulting projects.

ANSWER Express does not include advanced capabilities such are compressible flow, combustion and radiation models, choice of turbulence models and linear matrix solvers. All these advanced capabilities, and more complex physical processes, are available in the Professional Version of ANSWER.

Please visit the CFDStudio and ANSWER Home Pages to see full features of these software. Please also visit the CFDStudio/ANSWER Tutorials to see how easy and fun CFD can be.

Fluids/Thermal Sciences Professors: Contact ACRi to inquire about bulk purchases for class use.

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Summary of Features:

Versatile code capable of simulating laminar or turbulent, compressible or incompressible flow, heat transfer, chemical reactions, combustion etc.
Transient or Steady state
Compressible or Incompressible fluid
Laminar 0r Turbulent Flow with k-ε turbulence model
2 and 4-Step Hydrocarbon Model


Direct, Mass Injection, Solubility Limited, Radiation or Arrhenius Kinetics
Sources that are functions of surface area or volume
Functions of time, space or any dependent or user-defined variable
Any number and mix of sources for any variable
Boundary Conditions: Dirichlet, Neuman, Radiation and other derived types

Heat Transfer:

Conjugate heat transfer with embedded solids


Structured or Unstructured Meshes
Arbitrary triangular/quadrilateral (2D) or Tetrahedral/Pyramid/Prism/Hexahedral (3D) control volumes
Specialized 2D and/or Cylindrical modes
Specialized 2D Cylindrical mode with a third swirl velocity component
Built-in geometry and meshing for geometrically and topologically simple problems

A detailed listing of ANSWER Applications is available online. This list is directly applicable to ANSWER Express - keeping the restrictions in mind.

ANSWER Express is available on Windows platforms. LINUX/UNIX versions can be made available by special arrangement.

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